At EverLast Windows, we handcraft the largest variety of window options in the Harrisburg, PA, area. Whether you’re building a new home or renovating your current living space, our team of craftsmen and installers provide comprehensive services to ensure quality and efficiency in each of our new vinyl window products. Our team will professionally fit and build each window to ensure proper installation and provide energy-efficiency throughout your home. We guarantee our installation process and work hard to exceed your standards and expectations with each install. We truly understand the importance of providing exceptional customer service and top quality, American-made, vinyl window choices. We strive to make every job a great, hassle-free investment for our customers.

Window Options
Our team of professional vinyl window craftsmen and installers will help you design, fit and implement any window style you are looking for: bay, bow, slider, casement, garden,picture and many more! Approximately 75% of our windows are built in our Pennsylvania facility. We assemble our window frames in our local factory, meaning our vinyl products are truly made in the USA. Because we create our own windows, we offer the largest variety of vinyl window designs in our area. From bay and bow style window features, to geometric and garden windows, we guarantee a sustainable, energy-efficient window solution to match your unique living space and save you money.

Window Maintenance
In an effort to expand the lifespan of your EverLast vinyl windows, we offer professional maintenance services on all windows we build and install. While it is important for you to routinely clean and inspect the windows in your home, our installation professionals will deliver quick and effective repair and replacement solutions. As your house settles over time, it is important to make sure your windows remain properly sealed. Trust the professionals at EverLast Windows to reseal your windows to ensure high-energy efficiency year-round.

Along with our professional window maintenance services, we provide tips and advice on how to maintain the integrity of your windows through proper vinyl frame and glass cleaning. While vinyl is the best option for low- to no-maintenance windows, keeping your windows clean and clear will not only enhance your landscape view, but also add equity and efficiency to your home.

Patio Doors
Sliding patio doors can add significant value to your home by acting as a feature piece in any room. At EverLast Windows, we understand that insulation is a big factor in opting for a sliding door. Each of our sliding patio doors is insulated and certified through ENERGY STAR® to guarantee energy-efficiency. In keeping with our own standards, we craft new patio doors that are built to your home's exact specifications ensuring proper fitting, installation, and elegance to your doorway. Whether you need windows for a new home, or brand new, energy-efficient vinyl replacement windows for your existing residence, we are ready to serve you.

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Just like the rest of your home, your windows are subjected to general and elemental wear and tear over time. At EverLast Windows, we offer professional window maintenance on all windows that we handcraft and install, whether for your new home or home restoration. Our goal is to provide energy-efficient windows. We also strive to maintain and enhance our products daily. With our window maintenance and replacement services, you can rest assured your home will be protected.

Professional Window Maintenance
At EverLast Windows, we offer an installation guarantee, ensuring the windows you choose for your home will be properly fitted and installed. If, over time, you notice the quality of your vinyl window frame decreasing, we will provide professional service, maintenance, and repairs. We understand the importance of quality and efficient work and strive to deliver windows that not only match our high-standards, but yours as well.
Our professional installation team will reseal and repair any part of your window if issues arise outside of general wear and tear. We fully back the quality of windows we build and work to manufacture durable windows that will last you years to come.

Routine Window Maintenance
In order to get full use and a durable lifespan for your windows, it is important for homeowners to perform routine maintenance on all windows and sliding doors. When it comes to windows and keeping them well-maintained and clean, it doesn’t get much easier than vinyl windows. Vinyl, in general, is about as close as you can get to a maintenance-free home exterior product. That being said, vinyl windows can still get dirty. Luckily, it doesn’t take much to keep your vinyl windows clean. Nature will likely help you out, as a heavy rain will perform all the exterior cleaning your vinyl windows will need.

It is also important for homeowners to check the seal around all windows. Over time, as your house settles, window frames may not fit as tightly as when they were installed. This is a simple way to ensure you are getting proper energy-efficiency throughout your home. Even the smallest gap in your seal can cause your warm and cool air to escape. When caught early, this can be corrected easily by resealing the frame, but when left untreated, windows may have to be completely replaced.

Post-installation window maintenance
Maintaining the fresh appearance of your vinyl window frame and glass windows after installation is a simple task for homeowners. Routinely cleaning your windows not only expands the life of your vinyl window frame, it also adds long-term curb-appeal and value to your home. Because our windows are made with glass and vinyl, household cleaners like Soft Scrub®, Windex®, and vinegar-water solutions are safe to use on all surfaces of your window.
You can use a soft cloth or soft-bristle brush to gently wash your vinyl window frames using water. If there are difficult stains on your vinyl window frames, you can use commonly found household cleaners. Avoid using even mildly abrasive cleaners such as Ajax®, as these types of cleaning agents could potentially damage the vinyl window frame or the glass. It’s best to avoid chlorine bleach, liquid grease remover, or furniture cleaners or polishes, as these may tarnish the vinyl’s surface appearance.

Explaining Window Condensation
This is the time of year that homeowners may start to see condensation on their doors and windows. If this is your first cold season with one or both of these new products in your home, you could worry that something is wrong. Hopefully the tips below will help reassure you that it's a normal effect of chilly weather!

Interior Condensation typically occurs inside the home when it's extremely cold outside and the humidity level inside is too high to support the colder temperatures. As the outside temperatures drop, reducing the humidity level inside will help reduce condensation.

Exterior Condensation on the exterior of the home occurs naturally when the outside air and Dew Point temperatures are close to being the same. When this happens, the air becomes 100% saturated with water vapor, which is then released to lay on exterior surfaces of the home.

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