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Do you charge for a site review?
No. We will come out to your location and give you a free estimate, whether it’s a house, office, apartment or any other structure you own that may require windows or patio doors.

Can you paint vinyl windows?
No, we don’t recommend it. You can get many colors of windows, however, we have four solid color windows, four interior wood grain options and if we can’t provide exactly what you are looking for, we do offer a custom painted option that is performed in the factory with highly specialized equipment.

Are you ENERGY STAR® certified?
YES. We are audited once a year to ensure you, the customer, can buy with peace of mind that you are getting what you are paying for. We have been ENERGY STAR rated since 2003 and maintain our rating with rigorous quality checks.

Do you sell and install doors?  
YES. We offer two top-quality entry and storm door systems, including Masonite doors, which come with jamb saver rot-free jambs, as well as Provia Door systems. We have a door for every budget, whether it’s a house in Newburg, a doctor’s office in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania or an apartment complex in Hagerstown, Maryland.