Vinyl Windows vs. Fiberglass Windows

    02 Oct, 2019

    Vinyl and fiberglass windows are two of the most popular man made materials on the market right now. Vinyl windows are usually made from polyvinyl chloride (PVC), which is a type of plastic. On the other hand, fiberglass is made from a base of glass that is melted under extremely high heat and then is pulled into very fine fibers that are then woven together. When fiberglass is used for construction, it has resins inserted into it so it can easily be molded into shape.

    Vinyl and fiberglass windows have a lot of the same benefits. They are both relatively cheap, maintenance-free, durable, and energy-efficient options as opposed to wood or aluminum windows. Each option has its own unique way of being the better alternative in regards to price, style and durability. 

    Vinyl Windows

    Although fiberglass is cheaper than wood or aluminum, vinyl is even cheaper than all three of these material options. Of course, depending on factors like where you live and window size, the price will fluctuate. It usually ranges that for vinyl windows you can pay anywhere from 10 percent to 30 percent less than other materials. A vinyl window company in Harrisburg can help you determine the price for the location you live in. Wooden windows can usually reach the $1,000 mark, which makes these savings on vinyl windows extremely important.

    Easy to Install:
    It doesn’t take a genius to install vinyl windows. If you’re a handyman at home, you should be able to do this yourself. Although having vinyl window installation in Harrisburg done by a professional company is always recommended, if you’re relatively good with a power drill and a hammer, you can practically install these windows yourself. This can save you up to $200 per window since you won’t have to pay any labor costs.

    If you’re worried about not being able to find the right size for your vinyl window, you can often find them pre-made in standard sizes at most home improvement centers. Fiberglass windows have to be ordered from the manufacturer, which can lead to the manufacturer not wanting to sell them to you without a professional installing them. 

    Fiberglass Windows

    Wider Range:
    Both vinyl and fiberglass windows have several design options available from a window company in Harrisburg. They both do look similar from afar, but fiberglass usually has a much nicer appearance up close as opposed to vinyl. Fiberglass frames are often much thinner than vinyl frames, making fiberglass have a more finished look. The more exposed glass that the fiberglass window has displayed, means that natural light can easily be let in by reflecting off of this surface. This leaves fiberglass to be more desirable as everyone is always searching for more natural light in their homes.

    Both materials also come in a very large range of colors. The only difference is that fiberglass can be painted whereas vinyl cannot be. This can be a problem if you like to change the style of your home quite often. If this is the case, fiberglass might be your best option. The last design difference is that fiberglass can be textured to look like wood, if that’s what you’re going for. Vinyl often comes in a smoother finish when you’re looking for patio windows in Harrisburg. Even though you may not think you want more options, having these design alternatives in place can help you decide what look you’re going for.

    Even More Durable:
    Despite both vinyl and fiberglass windows being able to outlast most wood and aluminium windows, fiberglass is the more durable choice. A great quality vinyl window can last about 30 years and a fiberglass window will usually last more than 50 years. This is because fiberglass windows are made out of glass as opposed to vinyl windows, which are made from plastic. Fiberglass is much stronger and resistant to warping due to weather conditions. Vinyl often expands or cracks with the rise and fall of the temperature, but fiberglass will stay the same regardless of the weather.

    Although this is listed under fiberglass windows, both are actually relatively maintenance-free. Compared to wood, which needs to be sealed, painted and stained quite often, vinyl and fiberglass windows can virtually be left alone. If any mud, dirt or moss begins to build up on the frame, you can simply use a sponge and some warm water to wash these away. Vinyl windows in Harrisburg cannot be repainted, which means they will need to be replaced if they begin to fade or if you want to change the color. Fiberglass windows can be painted. They will eventually begin to fade or peel due to where you live, so they may need repainting down the road. Other than that, both of these window options are great if you don’t want to worry about cleaning them often.

    Both vinyl and fiberglass windows are great options if you’re looking for a long-lasting frame that can withstand the elements, be less costly than wood, and more energy-efficient. Despite these two materials being very similar in their benefits, there are a few differences as well. Clearly, they are both man made materials, but they’re made from different things. Vinyl is plastic and fiberglass is glass. This material difference is what leads to the other contrasts between the two.

    Vinyl and fiberglass are both maintenance-free, but vinyl windows have a wider range of design opportunities and are even more durable than vinyl windows. On the other hand, vinyl windows are the cheapest material and easy-to-install, which can save you even more money down the road. If you’re looking for a relatively good material than is well within your budget, the best option to go with is vinyl.

    5 Benefits of Vinyl Windows

      02 Oct, 2019

      Vinyl window replacements have popped up everywhere over the last decade. They are a great window replacement alternative because of their cheap cost and more energy-efficient than wooden window frames. Obviously, most windows are made from glass, but having the right material for your frames is crucial if you want them to last.

      Although wood has become the staple over time, they do have their downfalls as opposed to using vinyl. The look of wood is nicer, but they rot easily and are more prone to attracting insects than vinyl windows. Overall, here’s why making the switch to vinyl windows in Harrisburg is the right thing to do.

      1. Inexpensive
      Vinyl windows start off being much cheaper than wood window replacements. This is because the look of wood is much more appealing than vinyl. Wood frames can cost anywhere from 20 percent to 30 percent more than vinyl frames. Customization options are available with vinyl windows, which makes them more expensive if you want to go through with this option. This is the case with any window frames though, so it will still end up being cheaper if you stick with vinyl and get it customized over going with wood or aluminum and customizing it.

      When you purchase vinyl frames from a window company in Harrisburg you know you’re getting a good deal, a safe investment, and are able to maintain your property’s value. Just because vinyl is the cheaper option doesn’t mean they won’t last. Vinyl is a durable material that will take far longer to rust or corrode over time than the other options available.

      2. Energy Efficient
      If you live in a climate where the temperature fluctuates often, vinyl window frames are probably the best option for you. Vinyl windows have much better insulation value. It is a durable material that will keep heat inside during the colder months and heat out for the warmer months. This can reduce your air conditioning usage and heating over summer and winter for lower energy bills. Your home will be better insulated and in turn, more energy-efficient than it was before.

      This is a huge opportunity that most homeowners want to jump on. With rising energy costs, most would rather save money on their energy bills every month than have to spend extra money heating or cooling their homes.

      3. Variety
      The downside of vinyl windows used to be that there weren’t enough colors to match siding options. With the popularization of vinyl windows, this has changed dramatically. There is now a wide range of colors that continue to become available. This makes it easier to match the siding, color, and style of your home.

      If you still can’t find a color option that you like, you’re almost always able to have them custom made. Again, this does make the cost rise, but you are more likely to be satisfied with the finished product this way.

      The color range is just as good as if you were to buy paint to spruce up your wood frames. It is important to note that if you were to buy from a vinyl window company in Harrisburg or any vinyl company, that the windows cannot be painted over. This is a downside of vinyl windows as they are a more permanent option compared to their wood counterparts. If you do decide on a different color in a few years time, you will need to get them replaced. On the upside, if you’re happy with the color you’ve chosen, you know that the quality is there and that it is going to last for a very long time.

      4. Maintenance Free
      When maintaining vinyl windows, there’s practically nothing you have to do to keep them looking their best. Most vinyl patio windows in Harrisburg are 100 percent scratch-free, meaning that most elements that come their way won’t leave a mark. As previously mentioned, vinyl windows can’t be painted or stained, and they should not be scraped during the winter. The only thing you can do is occasionally clean them with soap and water.

      Since vinyl windows are also resistant to most elements, they won’t age as fast as wood or aluminum. Wood will rot over time because heavy rain and snowfall fill the wood with tons of moisture. This moisture can also easily attract insects like termites. Aluminum frames can also rust easily because of environmental factors.

      5. Nice Looking
      In order to keep wooden windows looking their best, they need to be repainted and restained quite often. Vinyl windows are very durable, so they often stay looking the same even during and after the worst weather. Finding a great company for vinyl window installation in Harrisburg is your best option for the best vinyl windows that will remain looking their best over time.

      When you’re trying to decide which window frame replacement is right for you, it’s important to consider vinyl windows as an option. Choosing vinyl instead of wood and aluminum can not only save you money with the upfront costs, but save you hundreds of dollars each month as being the more energy-efficient option. As opposed to wood and aluminum, these windows are more energy-efficient, cheaper, and have a larger variety of options available.

      Regardless of the style of your home, you will be able to find the best match for its aesthetic when you purchase vinyl window replacements. They are truly the best alternative to wood and aluminum, so you can have a more beautiful home that is also saving you money.

      6 Summer Home Improvement Projects

        08 Jul, 2019

        The start of summer means it’s the perfect time to begin any home improvement projects you’ve been thinking about over the last year. Warmer temperatures provide the perfect conditions for sprucing up areas around your home.

        From purchasing new treatments from a window company in Harrisburg to painting over your cabinets, these easy summer home improvement projects are sure to inspire you.

        1. Upgrade Your Windows
        Upgrading your windows is by far the easiest way to make your home more energy efficient. Vinyl windows for your Harrisburg home are perfect for that switch. Old glass panes can cause problems with heating and cooling systems in your home, making them work harder over longer periods.

        Purchasing windows from a vinyl window company in Harrisburg is the first step. Vinyl windows are stronger, more durable to extreme elements and last longer. They need little maintenance and don’t need to be repainted as often.

        Outdated windows are inefficient and unappealing. By changing your windows, you’re saving money, energy all while changing the look of your home from the inside and out. With painless vinyl window installation for your Harrisburg home, there should be no more issues with your new window treatments. The installation process is simple and you’ll have new windows to keep your home running smoothly.

        2. Give Landscaping a Try
        The beautiful summer weather means your garden paradise can come to life. Instead of having a plain backyard, dress it up with stone arch or a vertical garden. Adding a stone arch from your back deck to the pool can add a new element to your backyard that’s cost-efficient. Plus, it’ll make your neighbors jealous.

        A vertical garden allows those with less space in their backyards to still add a little something new. Using bright flowers like petunias, hydrangeas and roses will act like paint on a canvas.

        If you don’t feel like adding something too crazy, gardening can always incorporate more life to your backyard. An easy tip is to get up earlier and garden during the cooler hours of the day. This way you can still get your gardening in without having to take multiple breaks because of the heat.

        3. Clean Your Deck
        Deck maintenance is an extremely important way for your deck to last for years. During the winter months especially, patios, porches and decks can take on a lot of harsh conditions. Summer is the perfect time to give them some much needed TLC.

        Start off by clearing the cracks between boards of dirt and leaves. Next, applying a fresh layer of stain or sealer can revive your deck’s color. Waterproofing is a necessary step if you want your deck’s color to last more than one season. Water comes in contact with your deck the most. Waterproofing can save your deck’s color and keep it from rotting right away. It also helps fend off mold to allow your deck a longer life.

        4. Paint Your Cabinets
        White cabinets are such a bore. An easy fix to bland cabinetry is to paint them. Bold colors have been on trend for this year and matching pieces, such as decorative kitchenware and window sills can easily tie in any crazy color.

        Doing a full kitchen remodel can cost thousands of dollars. By refinishing cabinets, you’re saving a ton of money, while still giving the room a fresh, new look. Painting is an inexpensive project that will take half the time in the summer. Opening windows allows for the paint to dry faster so you can get back to redecorating.

        5. Build a Fire Pit
        Having a fire pit at your house will make you the talk of the town. A stacked fire pit is the way to go this summer as any skill set can create one.

        Choosing an open area free of low-hanging tree limbs that’s far away from your home is crucial. There needs to be enough free space around the fire pit so nothing can easily catch on fire. Make sure to keep any outdoor furniture around 6 to 7 feet away from the fire pit’s base. The fire pit needs to be large enough for all your furniture, so take that in mind while building. Choose a flat, level area in your yard where you know there will be plenty of room.
        Large stones or curved blocks are the ideal materials to create your own fire pit. The stones will last for years to ensure that your family gets to spend more quality time outdoors.

        6. Clear Out Your Air Conditioner
        It’s almost guaranteed that your air conditioner will be blasting all summer. A blocked air duct can raise your electric bills astronomically every time you crank up the AC. By ensuring that all ducts are clear of dead leaves, your unit will run more smoothly.
        Once you cleaned out the air-conditioning unit, shut the power off and vacuum the vents to make sure they’re running correctly. Also, hosing off any excess dirt from the coils will make for a more efficient unit. Once everything has been cleaned, switch on your unit and see for yourself what a difference cleaning can do.

        Not all renovation projects have to be huge. By simply cleaning out your air conditioner, you’re putting hundreds of dollars back in your wallet.

        These are just a few of the small projects you can complete throughout the summer. Replacing your Harrisburg home’s patio windows and cleaning your air-conditioning unit are cost and energy efficient ways to cool your home over the warm months. Painting your cabinets and cleaning your deck prove that a small change is worth it. All these tips can help you keep busy and beautify your home all summer long.

        5 Energy-Efficient Upgrades You Should Make to Your Home

          06 Jun, 2019

          As a homeowner, there are many upgrades and repairs you want to make that will not only improve the cosmetic appearance of your home but its function as well. You want to create a space that is comfortable, relaxing, and beautiful. However, there are also many upgrades you can make that will help save energy and cut down the costs on your monthly utility bills. Let’s talk about five energy-efficient upgrades that will make a difference and cut down your home’s energy usage.

          1. Replace Old Appliances
          Not only are those old appliances an eyesore but they are also using a significant amount of energy. Old and worn out appliances require more energy to run smoothly and complete their desired task. This means you will want to replace them for newer models.

          New appliances are designed with functionality and energy-efficiency in mind. Many products will boast an ENERGY STAR rating on them, helping you determine which products will help you save on energy and cut down monthly costs the most. Plus, when you replace many of these appliances, you will also create a more up-to-date and modern look to certain areas in your home. You can also benefit from advanced features that will help make tasks such as cooking meals and cleaning much easier.

          2. Replace Old Glass Panes
          If you are considering improving the energy efficiency of your home, one of the first places you should start is at a window company in Harrisburg. Old and worn out frames and glass panes will let out a considerable amount of energy, causing your heating and cooling systems to work much harder and for longer periods of time. Plus, no matter if you are considering bedroom, kitchen, or even patio windows for your Harrisburg home, these newer products can help update both the interior and exterior look of the home.

          When you are in the market for new glass panes, talk to an expert about the many options available to you. For example, vinyl windows for your Harrisburg home should be at the top of your list. These products are strong and can withstand many harsh elements. They also require very little maintenance and do not require any regular painting or staining. Furthermore, compared to wood and aluminum products, these items are more energy efficient. Vinyl window installation in Harrisburg is also very simple and does not require a grueling process.

          3. Programmable Thermostats
          One fast and highly effective upgrade you can make to improve the energy usage in your home is a programmable thermostat. This tool gives you more control over the temperature in your own home. You can schedule for the temperatures to rise in your home during the hours when you are at home and to cut down on energy usage while you are away at work or when on vacation. For most of these products, the features and interface are extremely straightforward and some products can also be controlled from your smartphone. Even better, if you wish to install a programmable thermostat on your own, you can complete the task in an afternoon and it is one of the more cost-friendly upgrades you can make.

          4. Improve the Seals
          If you do not need to purchase new products at a vinyl window company in Harrisburg, you should check all the seals around these items as well as your doors. When these seals are loose or there are holes, a substantial amount of energy can escape. At the beginning of both the winter and summer seasons, do a thorough check on all the doors and glass panes throughout your property. If replacements need to be made, do those as soon as possible. If these products are very poor, you may consider replacing the entire door, rather than just the seal.

          5. Install New Lighting
          Old light fixtures throughout your home can become an eyesore. They can make an area look old and worn out. They also use a significant amount of energy to function. If you live in an older home, replacing these older light fixtures for more modern products should be at the top of your to-do list. These simple changes will not only save you money on your utility bills each month but you will also see a major difference in the cosmetic look of your home. Many of these products also give off more light than older products. Plus, you also don’t need to be a professional electrician to install them. Many have very simple and detailed step-by-step instructions to make them work.

          If you decide you do not want to install new light fixtures throughout your entire home, consider replacing all light bulbs with energy-efficient bulbs. LED light bulbs are one of your best options as they not only last longer than other models but use 25–30% less energy than other products. Ideally, you will want to avoid incandescent as these use the most energy and burn out 8 to 25 times faster than LED light bulbs.

          If you want to know where improvements can be made in your own home, consider an energy-efficient survey to be completed at your home. A professional will inspect your home to see where energy leaks may be lurking and give you an idea of the upgrades you can make that will help you save the most money and energy.

          It is also important that before you make any upgrades, you consider your own budget. Some projects will cost more than others to complete. By completing the right projects, you’ll not only have a beautiful, upgraded home, but one that saves you energy as well.

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          Benefits of Energy-Efficient Window Installation

            12 Mar, 2019

            Many people have heard of energy-efficient glass panes, and quite a few people may understand how these products work in theory. But many people may not know exactly how many ways in which energy-efficient glass panes can benefit a homeowner.

            This article will briefly discuss the benefits of installing energy-efficient products and help readers decide if installing these products is something that they should further investigate.

            Cost Savings
            The biggest benefit from vinyl window installation in your Harrisburg home is saving on the monthly energy bill. While many people would like to trim their monthly heating and cooling expenses while also having more an environmental conscience, most people would want to weigh the exact cost in savings against the cost of installation.

            These products have been proven to lower energy bills and save people money versus single-pane and even more contemporary double-paned, clear-glass products. Typically, these products can save between $125 to $475 per year versus regular single-pane products.

            These products work by reducing air leaks throughout the house, keeping homes naturally warmer during the winter and cooler during the summer. They also combat energy leaks through routine entry and exit from homes during both the winter and summer months.

            The savings increase as the climate becomes hotter or colder. For homes located in areas that have especially-cold winters, studies have shown that energy-efficient items can shave totals of 11% to 24% from monthly energy bills. The condition, quality, and type of product all factor into these figures.
            Meanwhile, the savings in climates that primarily require cooling can vary from 7% to 31%. Again, the exact savings depends on a number of different factors.

            People interested in learning more about the potential cost savings of installation can contact a local professional for a firm estimate. But in general, installation can save a homeowner several hundred dollars per year, at the bare minimum.

            Reduced Condensation
            Traditional single-pane products are often protected by thin layers of metal. While this type of glass is constructed to repel condensation, regular single-pane, and even some newer double-pane products, can cause frost to accumulate.

            Accumulated frost can cause a given room to feel colder, forcing homeowners and residents to crank up the heat during the colder months to compensate. This is both an inefficient and ineffective way to address the problem and is particularly true of patio windows in Harrisburg.

            By reducing condensation, products don’t let frost accumulate in the same fashion. This again leads to lower heating costs during cold times of the year.

            Reduced HVAC Costs
            Insulating and protecting a home against condensation, drafts, and leaks reduces the workload on an HVAC or central heating and cooling unit. While this isn’t a cost savings that homeowners will immediately see, homeowners realize savings when their HVAC units don’t need repeated repair or service from being constantly overloaded.
            Moreover, homeowners who install products throughout their home might even be able to replace their current HVAC system with a smaller unit, going greener and enjoying even more monthly savings on their energy bill.

            Tax Credit
            A reason that many people may have heard of these products is that they noticed a line for “Residential Energy Credits” on their most-recent tax form. These products qualify for this type of credit, and still fall within the eligibility guidelines for the 2018 tax year.
            Homeowners who replaced any doors or skylights that meet Energy Star energy-efficient standards can likely claim a credit on their year-end taxes. Better yet, residents do not need to replace every single glass pane in their home to qualify for a credit, and they also get a credit if they add an energy-efficient product to the home where one previously didn’t exist.

            The tax credit is good for 10% of the cost of the item, with a maximum of $200 for glass panes and skylights and up to $500 for doors. These figures do not account for the cost of installation.

            While the tax credit for installation isn’t huge by itself, it’s a nice perk if a homeowner or individual already planned to upgrade these areas in their home.

            Greater Comfort
            These products provide greater, more natural comfort during especially hot or cold months. They accomplish this in a number of ways, one of which is preventing frost from accumulating. This is especially important for homes with vinyl windows in Harrisburg and similar cities that have large changes in climate.
            Another way in which these products increase comfort is by reducing or even eliminating drafts, particularly compared to regular single-pane options. While double-pane products can reduce drafts to a degree, the latest products take this process a step further.

            Anyone who has been inside an older home during the winter is familiar with the chilly sensation of standing near a drafty glass pane. In fact, drafts are one of the most common reasons that people replace these items in their homes. No one likes to be uncomfortable or have guests feel uncomfortable while standing in their own living room due to the cold.

            The cold glass in non-energy efficient houses during the winter causes home-wide heat loss because the air near the glass cools and works its way to the floor. This turns into a situation where homeowners turn up their thermostats, putting more heat into the middle of the home and the ceiling but not making areas near single-pane glass more comfortable.
            Energy-efficient products largely correct this problem, allowing homeowners to keep their thermostats at normal settings while living more comfortably during the winter.

            Locals looking for a professional vinyl window company in Harrisburg can consider the benefits of upgrading to these products, and contact a local installer for additional information.

            Finding the top window company in Harrisburg should not be overly difficult, as one or two names have a sterling, well-earned reputation of excellence.

            Vinyl Window Installation Process

              01 Aug, 2017

              When you’re talking about your house, it makes sense to think long-term. You want a house with accessories that save you money, are environmentally green, and yet still provide you with the aesthetic and creative flexibility necessary to express yourself and have the perfect design. Vinyl windows achieve all of that, and come with the amazing benefit of being far cheaper than wood or aluminum alternatives. Once you throw in the low-maintenance, it makes little sense to not get them, right? So maybe you’ve decided on getting vinyl windows, but you’re curious what the replacement and following installation process will be like. How long will it take? What’s it going to look like? That’s why EverLast Windows wrote this blog post! With 20 years of replacing and installing vinyl windows throughout the Newport, PA area, we know how to get things done, so this is the blog post to let you know just what the whole process is like!
              Measuring for the New Windows and Ordering New Windows

              Our team will make sure to carefully and correctly measure the opening, to make sure everything matches up. We’ll remove the interior molding if necessary, which will allow us to view the casement. This supports the window frames, and we’ll measure the opening multiple times to make sure we’ve got it absolutely right.

              When it comes to ordering new windows, we’ll make sure to be able to identify all the different windows to minimize confusion. Our windows are designed for remodeling—windows made for new construction have a different attaching flange, which can complicate installation. No need to worry about that with our windows!

              Removing Old Windows
              First, we’ll remove your old window or wooden window panes, and the vertical meeting rail, if necessary. This will involve opening the panes, and shifting them up and out. We’ll take out any screws that may be holding the panes in places. If necessary, we’ll pry out more stubborn screws with a mallet and screwdriver. In some cases, we’ll use a hacksaw, although that’s unlikely. Don’t worry—we won’t break any glass. We’ve done this a lot of times, so it doesn’t matter if there are screws or nails: we know how to get it out best! The outer frame will usually remain in place.

              Prepping the Opening for the New Windows
              We’ll then clean up the casement from all sides, making sure that nothing will obstruct the installation of your new vinyl window. Now’s the time to paint your casement: a lot of people choose an oil-based paint. When you opt for this, it’s important to wait until everything is fully dry before installing your new vinyl window.

              Installing the Vinyl Windows
              We’ll first put the vinyl window on the frame to make sure it fits snugly and correctly. What we’ll then do is apply a nice, heavy layer of caulk around the window frame, leaving a few gaps of a couple of inches at the bottom. What this does is let the moisture leak out. Next, we’ll put the replacement vinyl window in and seat it in properly. There will be some pre-drilled holes that we’ll insert screws into (we never use nails, since that could damage the casement!), and then finish installation. We’ll make sure the windows are level and make any adjustments if necessary. For insulation, we can spray expanding foam into the gap, and then place the trim to cover up the vinyl frame/wall gap. Other additional precautionary measures we can take include applying sealant to create a smoother seal, or applying polyurethane sealant. Finally, we’ll replace the exterior and interior pieces, and voila—you’ve just got yourself brand new vinyl windows!

              How Do I Get Started?
              If you’d love to take the leap and get vinyl windows within the Newburg, PA and surrounding areas, we’re your company! With 20 years of experience in the business, we at EverLast Windows definitely know what we’re doing. From a small, family-owned business, we’ve expanded while still remaining true to our roots of offering the highest-quality vinyl windows around the Newburg, PA area. With a professional, knowledgeable team of installation teams, you don’t have to worry about the service you’ll be getting—because it’ll be the absolute best. We meet strict ENERGY STAR requirements and have unmatched results, making every project we take on hassle-free. So if you’re looking for American-made, top-notch windows, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. Just give us a call at (717) 423-5800 to request a quote. We look forward to hearing from you!

              How Vinyl Windows Add Value To Your Home

              01 Aug, 2017

              Your home is your castle, so chances are you want to take good care of it. You want it to look just right, spending hours getting all the details perfect and making sure it’s the best place possible to live in. So many aspects are important and play a role in making it right: the floor, the doors, and, of course, the windows. We get that here at EverLast Windows, where we’ve been manufacturing vinyl windows in Newburg, PA for 20 years. That’s why we want to let you know just why vinyl windows add so much value to your home, and what the benefits of having vinyl windows are, so read on to find out why!

              Vinyl Windows are Energy-Saving and Recyclable
              Since most vinyl windows are multi-glazed, you stand the chance of having substantial savings when it’s time to pay your energy bills. This happens because multi-glazed windows make your home more energy efficient since they trap the heat during the winter. The same principle works during summer months, when the windows keep the cool air and the heat out. Since they’re amazing insulators, they’re starting to become increasingly popular because of this handy benefit. You’ll end up saving so much more on heating and air-conditioning usage when you need to pay your bills! Double glazing provides a layer of air between the panes, but with triple- or multi-glazed windows, you’ll get unbelievable insulation! Combined with other green options such as low-e coating, you can rest assured you’re making the right choice. Not only do vinyl windows last for longer than wood or aluminum windows, they’re also recyclable if necessary. So if you’re looking for an environmentally-minded choice, vinyl windows are the way to go!

              Vinyl Windows are Low-Maintenance
              If you replace your windows and use vinyl, you’ll be pleasantly surprised that they’re practically scratch-free. The only maintenance necessary is an infrequent clean, which you can do with a vinyl window cleaner. You can also use some good old-fashioned soap and water, too. Gone are the days of scraping your windows or painting and scratching! Plus, because of the different material used, your windows won’t age as they would with other materials as they’re pretty resistant to the elements. No more warping, peeling, or cracking! Modern innovations have made vinyl windows stronger and more durable than ever!

              Vinyl Windows Cost So Much Less!
              When you’re done installing your new vinyl windows, you’ll be amazed at how easy they cost. As a general rule of thumb, they’re approximately 20-30% cheaper than wood or aluminum alternatives. Since the manufacturing process is amazingly simple, it helps to keep the costs lows and your wallet happy. It’s one of those offers that almost seems to be too good to be true: it’s an unbelievable bargain, and you’re going to wind up saving so much money on your heating and air-conditioning usage when you pay your energy bills—it’s perfect! Best of all, you aren’t sacrificing quality for these amazing prices.

              Vinyl Windows Come in a Wide Variety of Options
              On top of all the other benefits, you can choose different styles, giving you creative freedom to mix and match your choices until you get what works best for your windows and home! Whether it’s casement or sliding windows, there’s always something for everyone. Now, you can choose your windows in all-vinyl or vinyl-clad options. Awning or picture styles, ocean blue to forest green—no need to settle for less when it comes to picking vinyl windows for your home or business. You’ll be amazed at the total transformation when you switch from wood or aluminum to vinyl!

              I Want Vinyl Windows!
              Hopefully we’ve shown you just why choosing vinyl windows for your home can be one of the best choices you could make for your home! With the low-maintenance, reduced carbon footprint and immense opportunity for variety, there’s really no reason to say no! At EverLast Windows, we’d absolutely love to help you make the switch to vinyl windows. With 20 years of experience in the business, we definitely know what we’re doing. From a small, family-owned business, we’ve expanded while still remaining true to our roots of offering the highest-quality vinyl windows around the Newburg, PA area. With a professional, knowledgeable team of installation teams, you don’t have to worry about the service you’ll be getting—because it’ll be the absolute best. With yearly audits and ENERGY STAR certification, there’s no need to stress—EverLast Windows has your back. So if you’re looking for American-made, top-notch windows, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. Get in touch with us and give us a call at (717) 423-5800 to request a quote. We look forward to hearing from you!