Window Maintenance

Window Maintenance
Window Maintenance

When it comes to windows and keeping them well-maintained and clear, it doesn’t get much easier than vinyl windows. Vinyl in general is about as close as you can get to a maintenance-free home exterior product.

That being said, vinyl windows can still get dirty, even if they never need to be painted. Luckily it doesn’t take much to keep your vinyl windows clean. Nature will likely help you out a lot in this regard, as a heavy rain will perform pretty much all the cleaning your vinyl replacement windows will need. If the rain isn’t enough though, you can follow some of these tips.

Normal Maintenance

You can use a soft cloth or soft-bristle brush to gently wash your vinyl window frames using water. If there are difficult stains on your vinyl window frames you can try commonly found household cleaners. Avoid using even mildly abrasive cleaners such as Ajax®, as these types of cleaning agents could potentially damage the vinyl window frame or the glass.

Peroxide works wonderfully for cleaning windows. Try a 1/2 cup of peroxide and drop of dish soap.

It’s best to avoid chlorine bleach, liquid grease remover or furniture cleaners or polishes as these may tarnish the vinyl’s surface appearance.

What are some safe household cleaners I can use on my vinyl window frames without risking damage?

  • Soft Scrub®
  • Windex®
  • Water and Vinegar Solutions (70/30)
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